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Motion technologies for a high-quality of motion.

Blum’s motion technologies not only make it easier to open and close furniture – they make motion a mesmerizing experience. For a high quality of motion in all living areas – electrical or mechanical.

Blum’s lift, hinge, box and runner systems all use state-of-the-art technology and are based on more than 60 years of experience. Extensive tests ensure problem-free function, from a light opening touch to soft and silent closing. High quality is ensured for the lifetime of the furniture.

Smooth and effortless closing for all your cabinets – no matter how heavy the pull-out, door or lift system.

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Supports the opening of lift systems and pull-outs after the front is touched. The subsequent motion takes place all on its own. Soft and effortless closing with integrated BLUMOTION. Lift systems even close automatically at the press of a switch.

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Pull-outs open at a single touch, giving users easy access to the contents of the drawer. Opening is also possible by pulling. Closes softly and effortlessly with minimal force thanks to integrated BLUMOTION. Can also be pressed shut.

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Cabinet door opens at a single touch, giving users easy access to the contents of the cabinet. Close by pushing shut, without dampening.

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